Monday, March 14, 2011

5th Entry - Brand of the Week: COKE

What's your favorite coke TV commercial?

The "ito ang beat sabay sabay' and nikki gil's walking coke jingle, I forgot the exact lyrics of the song but back then it was really popular. It was a phenomenon probably it was catchy and those were well composed and conceptualized ads plus actresses thre became popular. All people memorized every line and copied the moves. Great ads and well positioned as what coke usually wants their product to be known for.

What a coincidence, we just cemented our partnership with coke. haha the christmas andsummer (w/ Bench Shirts stand out). The shirts a pretty good reminder.

As for me, the thing that gave a wow reaction was the 'Lilipad na ako TV ad of Coke. I mean musical scores 10, visual effects 10, message 10, and punchline 10... as in wow... thats makes the brrr ad of coke (thats still airing) is not so cool anymore. Ito ang beat is really an epic one... there's no youtube back then so you have to wait for the advertisement to be aired again to practice it. But I am still a pepsi fan. sorry :)

**the reason i chose coke as the brand of the week its because they gave away free coke zero at LRT2 station earlier today.. (with May 2011 expiration date, yea i checked it) haha thanks coke!


  1. My favorite is their "Holidays are coming" ad where the Coke trucks pass by as the village lights up for Christmas. They don't use it anymore.

  2. Yea it is indeed a good TVC. its like saying, 'Coke will always be present at your noche buena" har har~~Ho ho ho!! :)

    thanks for the comment!

  3. the date beneath the can is the best consumed date or expiration date? i am confused... but either way nice move coke!

  4. "Ito ang beat sabay sabay,
    Ito ang beat bawal sablay,
    Pabilis ng pabilis,
    wag mag-mimiss, wag mag-miss,
    gets mo na? gets ko na!
    nalilito, nahihilo
    nahihilo, nalilito
    coke ko to! coke ko to!"
    ewan ko kung tama...
    hahaha! I use to be a fan of that commercial. *LOVE!

  5. addition to that commercial, may time last year or early this year yung billboard nila moymoy palaboy sa North Edsa the "BRRR!!!" concept check this link nung 1st time nakita gabi, kinilabutan ako because ang weird lang tignan hahaha! unfortunately hindi yan tumagal siguro kasi magastos sa kuryente marami atang blower ginamit.

  6. Thank you for that lyrics! haha imagine our times before, there are no internet to seach for the lyrics of the said game. No youtube for us to watch, we just need to wait for it to be played for us to get the game.

    Does it have a blower? I thought was that they put some black thingy on the hair of moymoypalaboy as extension when the wind blow there will be like a 'mahanginbasalabas' feel on the billboard, but it looks like a garbage bag that sticks on the EDSA billboard, good idea but not so good result.