Saturday, March 12, 2011

1st Entry: 5 Ws?

What? When? Where? Why? Who?

This is about informal, pointless, unadulterated, uncensored, free, random conversation and anything inbetweens of those word about advertising and marketing world.

Advertisements in the Philippines mostly, but would also want to tap other international advertisements. Advertisements in billboards, radio, facebook, mall, MRT handlers, CRs, or any media that are being used by companies to promote their brands. We will give our insights, comments or anythings to the chosen ads. People can email me advertisments they want to be featured on this site. At least, I would know what would you like to hear. Let's be the perezhilton of advertising.

I will post new advertisement as many as I can. I do have a thing called "work" so please bear with me if I couldn't write a lot sometimes but I will get into your feedbacks, comments and queries everyday.

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I just want to express how I feel and think about a certain advertisement phenomenon or advertisements epic failure. Will it make us buy the product? or will plainly amaze us? or the advertisement is just unforgettable that will haunt you to sleep.

I am tash. A striving employee, young businessman, an event geek and advertisement addict. I just want to talk about stuffs I don't usually talk about with my friends coz it make me sounds really geeky.

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