Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BurgerKing's Battle of Stacks King

Not your usual eating contest.

Not the usual burger eating contest.

Not the usual burger contest.

Not the usual.

The Battle of Stacks King by Burger King sounds pretty big, happening on Burger King Two E-Com branch (thats one tumbling away from MOA). Hosted by the Sam YG! For more info on about the event feel free to check out their facebook fanpage ( or check out this video!

Friday, September 23, 2011

19th Entry - Tara Let's Have Coffee

Let's have coffee!

Kopiko vs Nescafe.

How many Nescafe commercial have you seen this past few weeks?

Coco Martin - Yammi
Good Morning Sa iyooooo
Corny kasi mag I-love you
The Journey Vocalist

how about Kopiko?


Yea. I think they are out of the TV airtime in a while. But guess what my sources told me that Kopiko is currenty working well in the competition, not just getting a good niche but a good market share on the coffee competition. Well if you are nescafe you should really be alarmed with this.

I made a little comparison, I bought Kopiko 3in1 and Nescafe 3in1. Well personally, I still love Nescafe. It is still has better aroma (well Filipino tends to smell anything we eat or drinl), taste a little better.  (but maybe like my preference with pepsi over coke, I prefer the runner up product?.)
Now why is it Kopiko is doing well in the market without that advertisement?
1. Was it really a rare case of very good product?
2. Is there something about the distribution (I mean availability of it anywhere) of Kopiko thats killing it? Focusing on the lower market segments that will bring a bigger market in terms of quantity.
3. Is is something about the packaging that it has 'mas maraming laman' look?

What I think is a little bit of everything, I thrown above... Deeper research might be needed for this. How about you? what do you think?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

18th Entry - Girbaud Sponsorship

I've been invited to attend a school event, the General Assembly of Thomasian Junior Marketing Association and there were that competition per section on the best advertisement on Girbaud. This was the first group and I thought what was played was REAL girbaud TVC.  I was shocked when I saw familiar faces on it. It was clean and well made. I cannot talk about much of the technicalities of the effects which based on them, was 'Top Secret'. :)

But what I like about this advertisement was it really set apart from the common clothing advertisements. Which is commonly, sexy, controversial (D&G advertisement below really depict something too sexy) and most of all... Photoshopped.

This girbaud advertisement was fun, youthful and yet there's still that connection it was able to send to audience that it will look good on you. Pretty good for a marketing students, a little more of positioning and direction you can really now sell the product.

But the hanging question I would like to ask is... is it buzz-worthy?

17th Entry - Sports and Blah-Blahs (Azkals and Dragon Boat)

Most likely you have seen this post from your facebook friends.

I will try to explain 'WHY'... and i will entitle this one, The Marketability of Azkals and Philippine Dragon Boat Team.

Lemme start with this statement, Filipino's just don't know how to support... Pull down maybe they do.

so where's the love y'all?!

I really hate this facebook status repost. yea HATE! it doesn't help at all. It was just another BASH to another something good and maybe didn't live up to our expectations but they did they're best. I would understand if somebody put it as status updates then 100++ people likes it. but to repost again. Seriously, who are you talking to?

Corporate brands who didn't sponsor the dragonboat team? or get them as endorsers?
TV Networks, for not covering the event?

Hey! they have Cobra to thank for! What else are you crying for? They don't have billboard? Yes they have! again with Cobra... But seriously what do you want to see on the billboard? You want a Dragonboat paddler endorsing something? do you know anyone from them? Well Phil Younghusband is worthy to have endorsements.

He got the looks.
He was infamous because of Azkals
He is making his name through his own actions, best example is Angel Locsin.
Some marketing brands are trying to pattern it from other countries, wherein Football players are being treated as Football Gods. If we have Manny Pacquiao, Argentina got Lionel Messi (Referring to being a sports gods). If we have Phil Younghusband, Portugal got Christiano Ronaldo (Referring to looks).

It is the complete package of Phil Younghusband that is selling. Not just a one of those.

Lemme point out other stuffs they have that Dragon Boat team doesn't have.

They have a manager - Dan Palami. He is no ordinary guy who just manage the money of the Azkals. He brought in Fil-Foreign players, lotsa people are have problem with these people who are part Filipinos! Lot's of bloggers and journalist already posted about these. Their Filipina Mom or Filipino Dad is working abroad. Will that makes them a less Filipino?

Another thing, they have their own PR people. Who release stuffs and pictures to make people talk about them. But most of the time they are the one who write stories or post-game reviews. Especially if it wasn't television.

Sport following. There are lots of football fans all over the world that filipino football fans was just a spill-over of what really happening around the world. Mostly blogs about it or they usually in the pub or bar in makati talking about football stuffs even if the Azkals are not playing. That means there are fan base. That Dragonboat doesn't have.

Personal Stand. For me, Dragonboat is boring. How will enjoy a sport that is like a parlor game relay. Yes, I support them. They are a Philippine team. But personally don't like it(yet?). I don't like rugby either. They (Phil Volcanoes) have billboards too. They are good looking too.

 I am sports fan, but there are sports that bore me too. Boxing is boring to me too but I am Manny Pacquiao fan. These explain where I am coming from.

Last note, let's enjoy the sports, stop comparing and don't pull other sports down.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

16th Entry - Philippine BOLDcanoes (usapang feirbs and Billboards)

Yes girls, I know you gals are on the same sentiment that now you can only see them on that looks in your dreams. Not on the Rugby field, coz they will have their uniforms on. Or would you wish that they have uniforms designed like this?

It really disheartened me if there is an advertisement being banned or stopped (uhm hi Mcdo!) just because it went really 'out-of-the-box'. Who set the 'Box' by the way? (hey if you have been to my seminar, I talk about this). The reason it was stopped is that it is too 'revealing', and how can you say that it is too revealing?

We have seen half-naked women on that same billboard why it was never stopped? I didnt say that it should be stopped. (for crying out loud, dont put down angelicopter's billboard)

But dude seriously, is there anyway you can advertise a brief or an underwear!? They would say that, the child might see it, why?! do those kids dont wear colorful underwears?! The more we restrain these ideas, the more the kiddos will ask, 'why is it wrong to put billboards like that'. Which leads to more question, and more questions. Than having them look at that innocently and say 'oh, thats the bench underwear advertisement'. end of conversation.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

15th Entry - Tashtalk recognize Azkals

Two advertisements. Two agency. Exact Opposite advertisements?
for the Cortal Sqr and Silver Swan.

Digital vs Traditional
Pun vs Straight to the point
Humour vs Serious
Phil Younghusband vs Neil Etheridge

its hard to weigh the which is better. two different approach, two different brand.

One Endorser = AZKALS

I am really amazed the way they use the Azkals for the advertisements.

contributor insight:
(the other tall-dark and happy dude says) as expected, it was also inevitable. the rise of Soccer or mainly Azkals' popularity has erased the significance of Philippine basketball for the local media. First as news headliners, now as advertisements. surely advertisers will benefit more from the immense popularity of Azkals. whether it be serious, humorous or even sexy (not sure if there's one already) ad campaign, it will surely click to the masses. Especially if somehow they managed to arrange an ad including phil and angel together.. haha

update: there is already a advertisment from century featuring Angel and Phil! 

Friday, July 1, 2011

14th Entry - Pepsi Pinas

Have you seen the Pepsi Pinas TV Commercial (TVC)? Yes! Its a new commercial, you are not back in the 80's wherein you can see these epic scenes in the Action Movies!
-Goitee-d Villain
-Unlimited Ammo
-Denim Jacket and Pants
-Police arriving late queing the end of the movie

Don't you miss those stuff!?

okay! my Favorite Cola is back! and it is different color! Blue!

Yeahh.. Pepsi Blue is back, my favorite cola before. Why did they made it limited edition before? that, I dont know.

This time it was named as Pepsi Pinas, you can see that even the packaging has nationalistic designs (wherein Pepsi is known for innovating their packages and labels ever since), this time it has Sorbetero, Kalesa, etc.

I am proud and happy with what Pepsi did. But question arises, is it only in the Philippines? or they have Pepsi India, Pepsi Lankan, Pepsi HK?! all pepsi blue different country. for real, I will be disheartened with that.

If you havent seen the Pepsi Pinas Ad, check the video below.