Wednesday, June 29, 2011

12th Entry - International Recognition on our Billboard (Coke)

Have you seen that billboard?

No! not that one above! in Makati! it was internationally recognized by websites for promoting coke in most environmentally possible way. Cheers to that! Nice one Pilipinas! The advertising have again raised it bar! Can we still call the billboards, 'PRINT ADS' or 'PLANT ADS' they deserve a slow clap for this one.

"Most billboards are eye-sores, but Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (the local name for the WWF) in the Philippines, came up with one that would make Mother Earth smile. The sixty-by-sixty foot billboard in Makati is made out primarily out of plants. 3,600 Fukien tea plants potted in old Coca-Cola bottles, to be exact. They can absorb as much as 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide over the course of a year. The rest of the materials are made out of recycled materials too."


Contributor say:

too bad that only few may recognize the true composition of this billboard. the one who thought of this ad deserves a standing ovation in my eyes. completely unique and significant to both parties involved. awareness people!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

11th Entry - Food or Diet?! Ate Shawi Entry

This is one is a laughtrip image!
image came from

Can you enumerate how many commercial ate shawi has?! but the controversial one was the Marie France billboard... how thin was she there?! demmit!

But I am telling if it was a food, I will go for ate shaw.. no doubt that she was eating all that endorsements... and definitely loving all of those..

Whether it is lucky me or McDOnalds.. :)

in terms of food... i wouldnt buy kris aquino is endorsing.. kay ate Shawia tayo!! haha

10th Entry - Philippine-Roar in Cannes Lion's.

Canne's Lion

Canne's lion is one of the highest award giving body in term of advertising industry. its like Oscars of Advertising and I think our country (PILIPINAS!!) having awards on the said event. SPOILER ALERT: we bag a GOLD AWARD in Young Lions (27yo and under advertising competition).

So most likely I will be posting highlights of the canne's through the help of the summary made by @jessedee (cool dude who made a presentation of Cannes check below)

I wish he would allow me to use some of his materials! :)
(I know he will be reading this) hehe

Will be posting Nationalistic or something to that matter shiznits, but to make it less boring to the ordinary people I will still be posting humorous stuffs from our local advertising..

Whew! Glad to be back!