Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6th Entry: *poof* and it became Koko Krunch

saw a tweet of my friend and *poof* came in the idea....

(There's a chocolate factory that exploded in Japan. Don't go out you might turn into a Koko Krunch)

How they really make the KoKo Krunch?

Yea what if any of the koko krunch TVCs are true?! Do you think kids appreciate the fact that what they are eating if from the wheatfield somewhere in greece and made of meteorites?!

to you, What's make koko krunch chocolatey?

A chocolate meteorite? A castle full of chocolate that was released by the good guys?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Win GCs by participating: What's ur fave Brand Tagline and why? show my gratitude for my readers of my blogs. I will be giving away free GCs on the most interesting comment.

up for grabs are the following:
Ti-Amo GCs
Sodexho (SM) GCs
*removed the sbux GCs it will be alloted for future promos.

so what's your favorite tagline?

one of my fave, Seiko Wallet - ang wallet na maswerte! (coz its trully nonsense) haha

comment then leave your name or your twitter account so I can message you if you win. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

5th Entry - Brand of the Week: COKE

What's your favorite coke TV commercial?

The "ito ang beat sabay sabay' and nikki gil's walking coke jingle, I forgot the exact lyrics of the song but back then it was really popular. It was a phenomenon probably it was catchy and those were well composed and conceptualized ads plus actresses thre became popular. All people memorized every line and copied the moves. Great ads and well positioned as what coke usually wants their product to be known for.

What a coincidence, we just cemented our partnership with coke. haha the christmas andsummer (w/ Bench Shirts stand out). The shirts a pretty good reminder.

As for me, the thing that gave a wow reaction was the 'Lilipad na ako TV ad of Coke. I mean musical scores 10, visual effects 10, message 10, and punchline 10... as in wow... thats makes the brrr ad of coke (thats still airing) is not so cool anymore. Ito ang beat is really an epic one... there's no youtube back then so you have to wait for the advertisement to be aired again to practice it. But I am still a pepsi fan. sorry :)

**the reason i chose coke as the brand of the week its because they gave away free coke zero at LRT2 station earlier today.. (with May 2011 expiration date, yea i checked it) haha thanks coke!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

4th Entry: Feminine Wash

While thinking of a great topic to talk about to end this weekend, I saw the tweet of Samhir Gogna aka SAM YG of Boys Night Out.

I haven't seen the TV ads yet  but yeah, isn't it too graphic to use that word? Personally, I don't care. I am not affected at all, but as a concerned citizen is the mass market ready for this? and then he tweeted a suggestion for the advertisers!

have a great week ahead! :)
so the ad should look like this?
comments from the contributors:

Bold statement coming from lactacyd. I think it's about time that some brands start being direct to the point as well. As long as it's GUIDED. Using tagalog translations may be too much for it may have a greater chance of having indecent interpretations. The way the message is relayed may be the key. Whatever word is used, as long as the concept or the manner it is communicated is explicit, it will still be interpreted as lewd. Personally it's ok, but I think the general public will not agree with me.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

3rd Entry: Who do you want to be the face of your company?

I would prefer john llyod, mas malawak yung market niya eh. Mas naappreciate siya ng masa.. dont take me wrong derek hot ka.. pero mas mabenta si john llyod. haha (I would prefer John Lloyd, he got wider market under him. He is well appreciated by the mass market. Don't take me wrong Derek, but you are HOT! but John Lloyd is more better in terms of saleability.)
(lil dancer's Mansour: Just by looking at the brands and products they endorse you would be able to see the difference between the two. get it? so it really depends on what product you will or plan to endorse. )

I must say that these two celebrities have come a long way when it comes to endorsing different companies. I believe that choosing between them to be the face of a certain company would depend on the type or kind or category that the company possess. If the company's appearance is a good boy-ish type, then I would go for John Lloyd, while if it's otherwise, I'll go for Derek Ramsay

Let me get technical here. They are indeed different market, but what struck my attention was they are the two male personalities that are sweeping the advertisements with their endorser deal. They have different platform, most of the advertisements of John Lloyd is through the TV that targets mass market. Wherein Derek can be found in the billboards all over the metro (because he is indeed an eye candy for some and some even call it, "ulam na") are really for those who works in the business districts such as ortigas and makati traffic is the billboards friend. Anyways, whether its Derek's Abs or John Lloyds sweet lines.. they are really indeed marketable and are good endorsers.

2nd Entry: Big 4, Big Start, but would you last?

the facebook fanpage of Real Leaf Green tea even call it "The Dream Team"

my first impresion when I saw the ad at Edsa? "Wow! Budget!?" I can hear the 'chaching' sound all over the place.. as in there is big WTF expression on my face as our MRT glides at Guadalupe...  yea it is the big four...Kapuso and Kapamilya... any brands in the philly would dig a treasure chest to just pay at least one of them.. but hey, look what coca cola did. BAM! big four. Before the release of the TV ad, there was the KC-Piolo sensation that they are together already.. But before the press-release, the billboard was in edsa already... hmmm... is it just part of the overall plot? so they can have a 'real' sweethearts for their 'real leaf'... hmmm.. i was just thinking.

"No doubt this campaign will increase their share in the market but there are few things that I need to throw regarding this campaign. First, sustainability, for me endorsements are safe when the celebrities are good. The risk is that these endorsements rely on the couples personal relationships so, what if they broke up? bad publicity? bad product identity for Real Leaf? Second, the cost of this endorsement, obviously this will generate better offtake for Real Leaf but is it enough to cover all? And lastly, what will be they competitors' move? will others do the same?"

 "WTF! dingdong/marian with piolo/kc in one advertisement??? That seems like a double date made in heaven! Something which can only happen in a fanatic's dreams. Well not anymore, as Real Leaf had just made a marketing coup of sorts by bringing two of the hottest real and reel life sweethearts from rival stations to join hands in promoting the healthy juice drink to consumers all over the metro." 

An endorsement from a celebrity or a public figure is reason enough for certain customers to try a particular product. Such testimonials or endorsements are a great way to advertise particular products and services. Endrosement are a great way for consumers to try on a product, but endorsement alone will not be enough to retain consumers. Advertising is never a solo act, it's always connected to key factors such as promotional strategies, branding, media placement, marketing objectives, and superiority of the product itself. For an advertising to be effective, it must be able to contain a message or means that will lead the consumer to a desired end state and it should be designed to move the consumer from understanding a product's benefits to linking those benefits with personal values. Understanding the steps steps a consumer or a business buyer moves through when making a purchase is a key to be able to reach to them. Added info...

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1st Entry: 5 Ws?

What? When? Where? Why? Who?

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