Saturday, March 12, 2011

3rd Entry: Who do you want to be the face of your company?

I would prefer john llyod, mas malawak yung market niya eh. Mas naappreciate siya ng masa.. dont take me wrong derek hot ka.. pero mas mabenta si john llyod. haha (I would prefer John Lloyd, he got wider market under him. He is well appreciated by the mass market. Don't take me wrong Derek, but you are HOT! but John Lloyd is more better in terms of saleability.)
(lil dancer's Mansour: Just by looking at the brands and products they endorse you would be able to see the difference between the two. get it? so it really depends on what product you will or plan to endorse. )

I must say that these two celebrities have come a long way when it comes to endorsing different companies. I believe that choosing between them to be the face of a certain company would depend on the type or kind or category that the company possess. If the company's appearance is a good boy-ish type, then I would go for John Lloyd, while if it's otherwise, I'll go for Derek Ramsay

Let me get technical here. They are indeed different market, but what struck my attention was they are the two male personalities that are sweeping the advertisements with their endorser deal. They have different platform, most of the advertisements of John Lloyd is through the TV that targets mass market. Wherein Derek can be found in the billboards all over the metro (because he is indeed an eye candy for some and some even call it, "ulam na") are really for those who works in the business districts such as ortigas and makati traffic is the billboards friend. Anyways, whether its Derek's Abs or John Lloyds sweet lines.. they are really indeed marketable and are good endorsers.

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