Friday, September 23, 2011

19th Entry - Tara Let's Have Coffee

Let's have coffee!

Kopiko vs Nescafe.

How many Nescafe commercial have you seen this past few weeks?

Coco Martin - Yammi
Good Morning Sa iyooooo
Corny kasi mag I-love you
The Journey Vocalist

how about Kopiko?


Yea. I think they are out of the TV airtime in a while. But guess what my sources told me that Kopiko is currenty working well in the competition, not just getting a good niche but a good market share on the coffee competition. Well if you are nescafe you should really be alarmed with this.

I made a little comparison, I bought Kopiko 3in1 and Nescafe 3in1. Well personally, I still love Nescafe. It is still has better aroma (well Filipino tends to smell anything we eat or drinl), taste a little better.  (but maybe like my preference with pepsi over coke, I prefer the runner up product?.)
Now why is it Kopiko is doing well in the market without that advertisement?
1. Was it really a rare case of very good product?
2. Is there something about the distribution (I mean availability of it anywhere) of Kopiko thats killing it? Focusing on the lower market segments that will bring a bigger market in terms of quantity.
3. Is is something about the packaging that it has 'mas maraming laman' look?

What I think is a little bit of everything, I thrown above... Deeper research might be needed for this. How about you? what do you think?


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  2. i like kopiko brown.. it tastes better tbh :D

  3. Hi tashcan. Yes Kopiko is really doing great in the market. Distribution is one of the factors why its selling fast and has overtaken the brown coffee category. But i believe that the reason for it is that Kopiko has successfully positioned itself as the pangmasa coffee. Nescafe is really hurt that's why it has come out with all sorts of flavor. Still, kudos to them for trying.