Saturday, July 9, 2011

16th Entry - Philippine BOLDcanoes (usapang feirbs and Billboards)

Yes girls, I know you gals are on the same sentiment that now you can only see them on that looks in your dreams. Not on the Rugby field, coz they will have their uniforms on. Or would you wish that they have uniforms designed like this?

It really disheartened me if there is an advertisement being banned or stopped (uhm hi Mcdo!) just because it went really 'out-of-the-box'. Who set the 'Box' by the way? (hey if you have been to my seminar, I talk about this). The reason it was stopped is that it is too 'revealing', and how can you say that it is too revealing?

We have seen half-naked women on that same billboard why it was never stopped? I didnt say that it should be stopped. (for crying out loud, dont put down angelicopter's billboard)

But dude seriously, is there anyway you can advertise a brief or an underwear!? They would say that, the child might see it, why?! do those kids dont wear colorful underwears?! The more we restrain these ideas, the more the kiddos will ask, 'why is it wrong to put billboards like that'. Which leads to more question, and more questions. Than having them look at that innocently and say 'oh, thats the bench underwear advertisement'. end of conversation.


  1. LOL yeah your right people don't know the meaning of fashion if they're looking at that billboard and say "ANG BASTOS NAMAN" that's an inspiration actually so that mabawasan ang obesity sa bansa. mgiging bastos lang ang isang bagay kung mgiging bastos ang titingin. ika nga eh if you have it flaunt it. LOL effin' insecure people.

  2. My question is, Do they really have to advertise underwear? Everyone wears underwear no need to advertise them. For what purpose? Designs? Colors? Styles? Lame. No revealing billboards, no questions asked.

  3. well they are selling a product thats why it is called business. they didn't reveal they're private parts they just reveal they're sexy hot body so that they could sell the product they endorsed besides its fashion. its not bastos or anything its an advertisement dito lang ganyan but if you go to u.s they dont give a shit about that kind of advertisement the only issue is they still think that philippines is a still conservative country wake up people it's not. -sai

  4. the Geeks sez: the word Bastos is very subjective, bastos for you may not be bastos for me. Maybe bastos to the person who ask the MMDA to put that down, pero how about to the rest of the filipino and passer-by in the EDSA. Exactly my point that pagiging bastos depends on the person that looking on it.

    Did you know: That adult magazine such as playboy and FHM are not pornography, it is still an art not unless they show two nipples of 1 model? Yea thats the basis of making it pornographic.

  5. For Anonymous2:

    hahaha! will throw back the question to you, do you know any brand thats not advertised?! We were able to introduce to any brand we know through their marketing communications, may it be top-of-the-line or beyond the line advertising. Yea whats the point of having them in that billboard with that outfit, to be talked about.get noticed. The most effective campaing actually is word of mouth so the more we talk about them, the more they are getting attention.

    Why the Philippine Volcanoes? Philippine Volcanoes Rugby team same with Azkals was trying to get attention and support that's why they do these kind of campaign so that us, Basketbal Crazy Country also support other sports such as these.

  6. May point ka. OA lang talaga ang MMDA :))