Friday, July 1, 2011

14th Entry - Pepsi Pinas

Have you seen the Pepsi Pinas TV Commercial (TVC)? Yes! Its a new commercial, you are not back in the 80's wherein you can see these epic scenes in the Action Movies!
-Goitee-d Villain
-Unlimited Ammo
-Denim Jacket and Pants
-Police arriving late queing the end of the movie

Don't you miss those stuff!?

okay! my Favorite Cola is back! and it is different color! Blue!

Yeahh.. Pepsi Blue is back, my favorite cola before. Why did they made it limited edition before? that, I dont know.

This time it was named as Pepsi Pinas, you can see that even the packaging has nationalistic designs (wherein Pepsi is known for innovating their packages and labels ever since), this time it has Sorbetero, Kalesa, etc.

I am proud and happy with what Pepsi did. But question arises, is it only in the Philippines? or they have Pepsi India, Pepsi Lankan, Pepsi HK?! all pepsi blue different country. for real, I will be disheartened with that.

If you havent seen the Pepsi Pinas Ad, check the video below.

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