Saturday, September 10, 2011

18th Entry - Girbaud Sponsorship

I've been invited to attend a school event, the General Assembly of Thomasian Junior Marketing Association and there were that competition per section on the best advertisement on Girbaud. This was the first group and I thought what was played was REAL girbaud TVC.  I was shocked when I saw familiar faces on it. It was clean and well made. I cannot talk about much of the technicalities of the effects which based on them, was 'Top Secret'. :)

But what I like about this advertisement was it really set apart from the common clothing advertisements. Which is commonly, sexy, controversial (D&G advertisement below really depict something too sexy) and most of all... Photoshopped.

This girbaud advertisement was fun, youthful and yet there's still that connection it was able to send to audience that it will look good on you. Pretty good for a marketing students, a little more of positioning and direction you can really now sell the product.

But the hanging question I would like to ask is... is it buzz-worthy?

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