Saturday, April 9, 2011

9th Entry - Aerobics in Mall Activity Center

I had a quick survey over facebook with 10 of my online friends 8 of out 10 said that Aerobics are boring.

at first, I really thought that Aerobics is such a boring thing. Where retired senior citizens join to spend their time and be 'healthy'. Especially when I see them on the park doing the aerobics I was like, "uhhhh ang cute ni lolo".

Until last week I felt the earthquake like floor pounding beat in SM North Edsa, there was the Waterplus Aerobics Challenge Happening at the 3rd floor activity area of the Main Bldg.  When people checked it out, there is Aerobics Marathon Happening in the open space, just like the Flash Mob of other brands in MOA. *wink* *wink* This is one is not scripted, the participants are not paid, not professional dancers, but just a passionate aerobics fans. Aerobics Marathon is 2-hours long aerobics with 1 waterbreak.

What really surprise me is the demographics of the participants, they are from all of the ages. As in from early 20s to late 60s. I was there watching them when I realize, damn! it aint boring its fun! I am no dancer but hey this really coooooool :) I can see that the younger group were really dancers who looove what they are doing.

I will post the video soon.!

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I am giving away 3.

So no raffle, just first 3 will get the gift packs. For those who are from other place of the country, I will have it delivered to you. :)

have great week ahead! :)

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