Wednesday, April 6, 2011

8th Entry - RC Cola

RC Cola - Marketing Budget wattup part 2!!

First Time RC cola got my attention because of the KimBum and Maja Salvador billboard. It is expensive tandem and they are creative enough to come up with that. but tandem like that should be in the tube! they should have push it further to TV!

but earlier today I saw the move, no more Kimbum and Maja. but it is in TV already! 1-minute ad with Kamikazee as endorser...

but man! this is a big marketing budget move.

Endorser+1-minute ad+primetime =bam!

Good job RC! :)

I like the message they are potraying, "ang tamis ng unang tikim"

colas are all same high sugar beverages but their taste are different from each other (I lovooove Pepsi sooo much)

last say, GOOD JOB RC COLA!

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